Childrens Eye Exam

A child’s eye examination is different and more difficult than an adult’s eye examination. Because of the way a child’s eyes develop, there are more chances that problems may not be evident unless the eye examination is carried out in a special way.

  • If your child wishes they may sit on your knee for the eye examination
  • Praise and encourage your child
  • Special drops may need to be out into your child’s eyes before the eye examination; these drops will help the Optician make a more accurate evaluation of your child’s vision
  • Every EyeZone Optician will give you and your child the time they need to ensure that your child is getting optimum eye care.

Your child may need glasses or special eye exercises to help correct their vision problem. Your EyeZone optician is qualified to manage whatever programme of vision care your child requires to help improve their eyesight.
If your child needs glasses or eye exercises its really important that you are positive about it and follow the management regime as explained by your EyeZone optician. If your child needs to be patched to bring up the vision in a weak eye make sure that that your child wears this patch and if you are having problems getting your child to comply, return to your EyeZone optician and ask them to help you. That’s what we are here for!

Getting Glasses

At EyeZone it’s all about quality and expert advice. Your child deserves the highest quality and your child should have glasses that are comfortable and that they are happy to wear. Your EyeZone optician is trained to ensure that your child is fitted with the best frames to ensure they get the most from wearing their glasses.

A few tips to help you chose frames are
•    Ensure the frames fit well, they sit up on the child’s nose and that the child is not able to look out over the top of the frames.
•    The sides of the frames should have a strong spring joint.
•    Materials such as titanium are strong but keep the frames light as well.
•    Choose special impact resistant lenses to improve safety and prevent breakages
•    Use thinned down lenses to improve the appearance of high prescriptions and keep the glasses light
•    Always have a spare pair of up to date glasses
•    Keep glasses in a hard case with a clean cloth for polishing lenses.