Contact Lense Options

What are your options?

These days most opticians prefer to fit disposable contact lenses. This is because, disposable lenses are healthier for the eye, better value and come in a wide range of wearing regimes which can be tailored to fit in with your needs. Daily disposables used for one wear must be thrown away whether you wear it for 1 day or 1 hour.

Fortnightly disposables are removed every night for cleaning and disinfection and must be thrown away after two weeks.
Monthly disposables can be worn for a month, removed every night for cleaning and disinfection and disposed of after one month.
If you wear lenses full time, you will need a lens material which allows your eyes to breathe and fits your lifestyle. EyeZone opticians only fit the most up to date materials and designs in contact lens technology, this minimises the risk of problems from contact lens wear, keeping your eyes well and healthy.

A contact lens can seriously damage your eyes if you don’t follow the advice of your EyeZone Optician. Never change lens materials, designs, brands, wearing time or solutions without your optician’s advice. You may not notice the problem straight away, but you could do irreversible damage to your eyes without realising it. Your EyeZone optician fits you with a specific type of contact lens because it suits your eyes. Never be tempted to change that because you only have one pair of eyes and they are individual to you!