Who is Suitable for Contact Lenses?

These days with advancing technology almost anyone can wear a contact lens. If you are long sighted, short sighted, you have astigmatism, or even if you need distance and reading glasses, it doesn’t matter, you EyeZone optician can find the right lens for you.

Even children can wear contact lenses but as with any contact lenswearer it is very important that your child is fitted by an eyezone optician who is an experienced professional and that all care regimes are followed correctly. Your local EyeZone optician knows your eyes and is always available close by to see you if you have any problems with your eyes or your lenses.

Why do I need a separate appointment to get contact lenses?

A contact lens appointment is different to an eye examination because different aspects of your eye health need to be checked.
Every EyeZone optician will carry out the following tests on your eyes. These tests are designed to ensure that your EyeZone Optician can fit you with the best lenses for your eyes.

  • Visual correction check; to see what power your lenses need to be
  • Health of your eye; to check to see if you eye is healthy enough to wear a lens and what type of contact lens material would be suitable for your eyes
  • Fitting the lens; measure the  shape of your eye and finding the right lens fit and design to ensure your lens fits correctly and comfortable.
  • Trialling; your EyeZone optician will give you free lenses to trial to ensure you can try before you buy. Your EyeZone optician will check the lenses after you have worn them for a few days to ensure they are still suitable...remember just because they feel alright does not mean they are right for you. Only your EyeZone optician can tell by looking at your eyes with special equipment if those lenses are going to suit your eyes.
  • If you have never worn lenses before, you will be shown how to insert and remove the lenses. This MUST be done by a qualified eye care professional. All EyeZone opticians guarantee that you will only ever be seen by an optician every time you come for your contact lens appointments.
  • Aftercare; Part of the EyeZone customer care promise is that your eye care doesn’t end after you collect your lenses. Your EyeZone optician is there for your continues care and you should attend for an annual check up to ensure that your eyes stay healthy and your lenses and wearing routine are still suitable. 

In Ireland, under law, you must attend your optician every year to have your contact lens prescription. Contact lenses may not be sold to you if your prescription is more than 12 months old.