Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) week 2015 starts September 14th.

A Note for you Diary AMD Week 2015

(AMD) Age Related Macular Degeneration week 2015 starts September 14th.

AMD is the leading cause of blindness in the over 50s. Almost 100,000 people in Ireland have AMD and 7,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. We’re asking you to think about a time when you made a decision or a choice that led to a positive outcome that you were not necessarily expecting, but which defined or had a very positive impact on your life afterwards

The Association of Optometrists, along with other partners, Fighting Blindness, NCBI , the Irish College of Ophthalmologists (ICO) in association with Novartis launched the "‘Your Defining Moment’ campaign

‘Your Defining Moment’ is a campaign which has been launched to raise public awareness of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and how making the decision to get your eyes tested and look after your eye health could be Your Defining Moment.

They are also offering people a change to win a Kindle, they would you like to share Your Defining Moment and be in with a chance to win an Amazon Kindle?

Your Defining Moment could be that job you took, the train you didn’t take, the decision to get married, the choice of house you bought…the list is endless!

EyeZone opticians all support AMD week, as members of the AOI, we all offer screening during AMD week, keep an eye on our & the AOI's website for further information.

For more information about the competition have a look at the brochure here. 

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