Corporate Eye Care for employees & Employers

Our eye sight is our most important sense, it’s so important for how we work, live and play. But did you know that according to the EU directive for Health & Safety at work, every employee who uses a computer screen for work (VDU), must have access to a FREE sight test. This is so important for youir health at work.

Can you imagine how much harder your life would be with sight issues, for those who have perfect vision?

We all now spend so much more “screen-time” that ever before, between work smartphones, iPads and screens our vision is responsible for our productivity don’t neglect this important asset.

Speak to your employeer about an Eye Exam today, EyeZone wants to help employeers & employees, that’s why we offer a comprehensive eye exam for just €25 per employee. Just have a look at out corporate brochure here.

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With opticians all over the country we believe in keeping our business local, so you can keep your employees local, so remember support local Irish brands. 

If you want to learn more about eye health, have a look here.