How glasses change your view of the world and the world’s view of you?

How glasses change your view of the world and the world’s view of you?

Fashion changes and the world works in mysterious ways,  It is amazing how the simple act of putting on a pair of glasses can hide superman’s true identity, P.S. it was Clarke kent. Or how in the eighties a makeover always began or finished with the breaking of glasses where as now it can be the height of fasion to wear them.  Wearing sunglasses in a movie has represented cool, cutting edge or an air of mystery, the villain and the hero and its from something so simple from your face.  

From being young or sticking out, to being cool and trendy there are collections of villains and heros, jocks and geeks whose personality is expressed by their glasses and it’s amazing how such a simple object can express so much without the need to say anything.

In one of the video below Michael Macintire talks about thinking and gesticulating with glasses and how this emphasises or removes to a point or in another video how in homers case wearing glasses adds confidence and an assumption of intelligence, however undeserved.   

Now wearing heavy frames can represent the fashionista, the designer or the geek and more recently the hipster.  We’ve been looking over some clips from the past few years on youtube and below is a brilliant piece by comedian Michael Macintire as well as scenes from the princess diaries showing how simply add, removing or posing with glasses changes the perception of us. 



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