Corporate FAQ

Q. Can my employee attend any EyeZone practice?
Yes, you can find your nearest EyeZone practice here:

Q. When I give my employee the EyeCare Card (purchase order) what information will be on it?

  1. Your company name, address and EyeZone registration number
  2. Your employees name
  3. VDU sight test approval
  4. CR39 Hardcoated plastic approval (Safety Card only)
  5. Polycarbonate lens approval (Safety Card only)
  6. Purchase order useby date
  7. Up to date EyeZone promotional offers

Q. Will everyone get free VDU glasses?
No. Employers are required to provide employees spectacles which are for use solely and specifically at the VDU screen. Simply put - if you need the spectacles for driving or reading a book and can use the same ones at the VDU then these would not be provided. If you need reading spectacles, and need a different specific prescription for the VDU distance at which you work - then these spectacles should be provided buy your employer. Your EyeZone optometrist will carry out a full refraction (eye test) and discuss your work needs and environment. 

Q. What happens if the purchase order is out of date?Printed purchase orders need to be redeemed for service within three months of printing. Expired purchase orders become null and void so the employee will need to request a new printout of the purchase order from their employer. 

Q. Do your employees have to book an appointment for the eye test?

Yes - your employee can book an appointment online, but it may be quicker to phone the preferred EyeZone practice direct. Appointments will normally be available within one week.

Q. When I sign up to EyeZone corporate, am I committed to using your service.
No – you are under no obligation to send your employees to EyeZone practices. However should you do so you are then under contract and required to pay on time for services received. 

Q. When I receive my EyeZone invoice who do I pay it to?
Please make payments to EyeZone head office in Dublin, all invoices must be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Just Click on Contact us at the bottom of this page.

Q. What are the payment terms?
Payment is strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Payment can be made by cheque or BACS transfer to our Dublin account. Employers failing to pay will be removed from our corporate approval listing and no longer receive services from EyeZone practices. 

Q. How quickly can you get your VDU glasses?
Most prescriptions will be ready for collection within 2 - 4 days. Some practices have in-house glazing facilities and may be able to glaze your spectacles on the same day.

Q. How Does the Safety Eyewear Scheme work.

The best way to learn about it is to have a read of the attached brochure - click here. The brochure contains all the information you will need about safety eyewear. Please contact your local EyeZone practice should you have any more questions.

Q: What if I need Safety Spectacles with toughened glass lenses?
Toughened glass lenses can be supplied at the same price as polycarbonate lenses. Just ask your EyeZone Optician to specify in the order. Remember that Toughened glass is not recommended in high impact environments due to the danger of the lens shattering. Polycarbonate is both tougher and lighter. Polycarbonate will also not shatter on impact like glass will.