Safety Glass Pricing

Please note that VDU pricing is separate from safety glasses and costs a total price of €25 per employee including full Eye exam and VDU glasses where required.

Safety Glasses start from Just €90 and this includes a comprehensive eye exam and the dispense of a pair of Bollé safety glasses. Below is a complete price list for the EyeZone safety eyewear range.

Single Vision

  • Safety glasses with CR39 Plastic Lens €90
  • Safety glasses with Polycarbonate Lens (High Impact) €103

Bifocal or Varifocal prescription

  • Safety glasses with CR39 lastic Lens €185
  • Safety glasses with Polycarbonate Lens (High Impact) €185


Breakdown of fees, Included in above prices;

  • Sight test Fee: €25 (VAT Exempt)
  • Dispensing Fee: €15 (VAT Exempt)
  • Total fee for a sight test & safety spectacle dispense €40 (Included in all prices)

Lens additional Options, Optional Extras,

Your company can choose to add any of these options for your employee, depending on his/her working environment.

 Please note, the option must be selected in the form before printing an EyeZone EyeCare card.

  • Antiglare Coating Add  €30
  • Lens Prism Add €20
  • Lens tint Add €20

Antiglare coating advised to reduce glare from VDU screens, overhead lights or night driving. These light sources reflect on uncoated lenses and can cause glare to the wearer. 
Prism in prescription depends on the employees spectacle prescription. Your eyezone optician will advise you if this is required. Prisms are rare in a prescription but make the lens more complex to dispense and therefore incur an additional charge.
Lens tint may be requireed either from the opticians advise or the employees request depending on the employees visual requirements.