Safety Glasses

Safety in the workplace

In Ireland approximately 30% of the workforce should be wearing prescription safety glasses while working and yet every year thousands of Irish people injure their eyes at work through wearing either incorrect or no protective eyewear. This not only costs the employee time, but potentially leave the company liable to corrective action on behalf of the employee.

With this in mind, The EyeZone Group wants to help make eye safety as simple as our VDU corporate EyeCare process. As such we are proud to announce the addition of the EyeZone safety range of glasses to our corporate EyeCare Card initiative. Adding safety to your corporate plan is now as simple as ticking a box.

And better yet, we have teamed up with the world’s largest designer and supplier of safety eye wear: Bollé - who will provide your employees with something they not only have to wear, but want to wear.

EyeZone Safety prices start from just €90 and includes prescription safety glasses, full eye exam and custom dispense. 

What Type of Safety Eye Wear Do I Need at Work?

To determine what type of Safety Eyewear is required within your company, your safety officer need only consult with an Eye Care Specialist at any of our 80+ EyeZone Practices Nationwide.

For example; carpenters & electricians will require high impact protection, while low impact Hard coated plastic safety glasses could be used by those working in a paint shop, or lab where chemical resistance is more important than impact resistance.

Your eyesight and that of your employees is precious. Regardless of whether you need non-prescription safety eyewear or prescription safety glasses, the investment you make to protect your eyes and vision will pay dividends as you reduce your risk of a sight threatening injury.

Advantages of Prescription Safety Eyewear

  • Choice of frames to suit your personal preferences
  • Choice of lens material – plastic or polycarbonate or toughened glass
  • Lenses made to exact corrective requirements for the individual’s needs
  • Hard coated lenses give durability and extend life
  • Frames fitted by opticians ensure optimum fit & eye protection
  • Prescription Safety Eyewear offers a cost effective long-term solution

How Do Safety Glasses Differ From Regular Glasses?

Safety eyewear must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than regular eyewear. This higher standard applies to both the lenses and the frames of safety glasses and goggles.

Safety glasses may have prescription lenses or non-prescription (also called plano) lenses. Regardless of their size or the durability of the frame and lenses, regular prescription glasses do not qualify as safety glasses unless they meet specific criteria.