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Don’t worry,  all of these conditions can be managed and treated if caught before any significant damage is done to the eyes, thus reducing the risk of vision loss. Your optometrist, when examining your eyes, will carry out a Glaucoma test. They will also  examine the inside and back of your eyes using special techniques, which allows them to see how healthy the back of your eyes are and assess your risk of having or going on to develop any sight threatening condition. It is important to tell your optometrist of any medications you may be taking, or any health problems you have or that are in your family.
 If your optometrist suspects that you have a problem, they will refer you on to an ophthalmologist who will carry out further tests and investigations. The most important thing to always remember with any health issue is that early diagnosis means a better prognosis. If you are visiting your EyeZone optician every two years, or if necessary, every year, the chance of a problem being picked up in the very early stages is much higher. Most EyeZone opticians can offer fundus photography which allows us to track the health of the eyes over the years and pick up early signs of change.

Our life expectancy is increasing. This means we should be living longer, healthier and happier lives. A key part to enjoying life in our older years is healthy vision. Regular eye tests, wearing the right glasses and looking after your general health, is the best way to ensure happy healthy older eyes. Your EyeZone optician is there to help, just ask!