McKeons Opticians in Portumna Co. Galway, is the latest independent practice to join EyeZone opticians

It’s the season to be jolly ……. At EyeZone Opticians its not only be jolly, but to sharing with our fellow man. Below is just one example which we will add to over the Christmas period of events happening in EyeZone practices all across Ireland such as fund raisers, caroling etc.

Remember when you support local businesses, not only are you supporting local, but you’re also supporting the events in that community, the spirit and the generosity, so DIG DEEP and support local.

Don’t be tricked this Halloween, the dangers of cosmetic contact lenses are not so easy to see….

Boo….. It’s time to dress up as a ghost, witch or you favourite cartoon character but it’s important to remember that whatever you choose to dress up as, you only want it to be for one night.

Aging and vision loss don’t have to go hand in hand, with early intervention there is a lot that can be don’t to prevent vision loss and eye related diseases. This may require some life style changes but if you start early you can keep your eye healthy and strong throughout your life. The good news here is that these simple lifestyle changes will not only benefit your eyes but will also benefit the rest of your health and fitness

Known internationally as the theft of sight glaucoma is a serious eye disease. We all know at least one famous Irish person who suffers from glaucoma; we are of course talking about Bono. But do you know what glaucoma is or who is at risk?Glaucoma is the name given to the group of eye diseases, which affect the pressure in the eye. Increased pressure in the eye is also known as intraocular pressure.

The Association of Optometrists is always offer some great advice on Eye Health, below are 10 interesting facts on eyes from the AOI.  Our eyes are one of our most important senses, its how we take in information, but despite using our eyes every day what do you really know about your eyes?Below are some fun facts about the Human eye! 1.    You’ve see RGB written on your TV, these are the three colours that make up the light spectrum, every colour we see is made up of these three light colours, Red, Green a

EyeZone members have a special introductory offer of €69 for a pair of high quality branded glasses.Free Eye Exam for Medical Card and PRSI customersEyeZone opticians will also provide the bi-annual free eye examinations that medical card and PRSI customers are entitled to. For full details on this fantastic offer call into your nearest EyeZone optician today!

Our sight is so important to us and yet many people fail to look after their eye health which unfortunately can lead to sight impairment or even vision loss.

The Eye Doctors of Ireland encourage people to take positive steps to protect their sight, an action aimed at ultimately improving the nation's eye health and contributing towards a reduction in avoidable sight loss.

EyeZone Opticians (Irelands largest group of independent Opticians) is proud to support local and during this Olympic year we have a very special chance to support a local athlete, a champion who’s pushing beyond the bounds of possibility and physical limitations to compete at the highest levels of sports at the Paralympic games in Rio 2016.

Don’t forget to get their eyes checked in the back to school rush

At the moment its all about slipping on the flip flops and slopping on sun screen, but soon it will be about school bags & books and getting ready for those formative school years.