Don’t be tricked this Halloween

Don’t be tricked this Halloween, the dangers of cosmetic contact lenses are not so easy to see….

Boo….. It’s time to dress up as a ghost, witch or you favourite cartoon character but it’s important to remember that whatever you choose to dress up as, you only want it to be for one night.

Every year at Halloween, the dangerous side effects of colour contact lenses linger far beyond Halloween night, in some cases they can cause a lifetime of vision problems. According to the Association of Optometrists Ireland 

“ There are many dangers associated with contact lenses if great care is not taken with regard to wearing schedules and hygiene. Severe, and extremely painful, infections can be contracted and may in some cases be sight threatening.”

In Ireland contact lenses are a prescription only product, this means it is illegal for anybody but a medical professional to prescribe or sell any kind of contact lens, this is not about saving money, it’s about the safety and health of your eyes, Halloween is ONE night, Vision is a lifelong necessity.

Contact lenses much like prescription safety glasses, reading glasses and all other spectacles are regulated by the Health and Social Profession act 2005, amended 2014.

There are high quality, professional colour contact lenses available at some opticians and these are a highly regulated product we would recommend.  If you know of any non-optometry retailer selling contact lenses, please for safety report them to the AOI on 01 4538850.

There are some interesting videos online at the AOI and other bodies, but have a look at the video below from the American Academy of Ophthalmology below and read the information and from at the AOI Ireland here. Every year this message is promoted and every year we have someone in, so please be safe this Halloween…