Don’t let your sight be stolen

Known internationally as the theft of sight glaucoma is a serious eye disease. We all know at least one famous Irish person who suffers from glaucoma; we are of course talking about Bono. But do you know what glaucoma is or who is at risk?

Glaucoma is the name given to the group of eye diseases, which affect the pressure in the eye. Increased pressure in the eye is also known as intraocular pressure. As the pressure of the fluid increases, it pushes on the delicate nerves at the back of the eye, which enable us to see.

Once this damage occurs to the nerve fibres at the back of the eye, it cannot be reversed, because those nerve fibres are dead. This is why it is really important to detect Glaucoma before any significant damage has been done by the disease.

What are the risk signs for Glaucoma 

  • A Family history
  • Age: risk of glaucoma increase with every decade of life after the age of 40
  • Ethnicity,  Afro-Carribean at highest risk
  • Elevated Eye pressures
  • Steroids use
  • History of eye injuries
  • People who are very short or long sighted
  • Diabetes or High Blood pressure

Early detection of Glaucoma is essential. By having regular eye tests with your optician, we can detect early and subtle changes in your eyes and how they look, which give us important information about your risks of having the disease.

Your local independent EyeZone Optician will be able to assess your chances of having glaucoma by speaking with you, examining your risk factors, and measuring your pressures whilst carefully examining your optic disc. Your optometrists may wish to take photographs of the back of your eye, to monitor any possible changes at the disc.

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