Research shows that shortsightetness (myopia) is on the increase worldwide. Is it the computer generation?

Myopia: why is it on the increase?

Age Related Macualr Degeneration (AMD) will affect 1 in 10 people over the age of 50. It is becoming the leading cause of blindness is the over-50s age group. AMD occurs most commonly in the dry form and less commonly in its wet form. AMD will affect your central vision. Early signs of AMD include visual distortion.

Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of blindness and visual impairment in the over-50s age group.

There are two forms of AMD

In a press release this morning, the Association of Optometrists Ireland, offered some good advice for those looking forward to the Solar Eclipse on Friday March 20th.

Advice from Irish Association of Optometrists about eye protection when viewing Solar Eclipse over Ireland on 20th March 2015

Christmas Competition 2014

The EyeZone Opticians Christmas competition 2014 has officially launched with even more amazing prizes. From today Monday December 1st 2014 our network of local independent Irish opticians will take your entry forms for you chance to win one of over 100 prizes. And thanks to you our loyal customers and FaceBook fans who have helped us pick our perfect prize line up. This year you can win any of the following:

How glasses change your view of the world and the world’s view of you?

Fashion changes and the world works in mysterious ways,  It is amazing how the simple act of putting on a pair of glasses can hide superman’s true identity, P.S. it was Clarke kent. Or how in the eighties a makeover always began or finished with the breaking of glasses where as now it can be the height of fasion to wear them.  Wearing sunglasses in a movie has represented cool, cutting edge or an air of mystery, the villain and the hero and its from something so simple from your face.  

Free eye tests nationwide for teens for month of May

EyeZone Opticians are again calling for improved eye care for 12-16 year olds who are falling into a vision gap in Irish eye care services. Up to the age of 12 approximately 10% of Irish children require glasses or contact lenses and by the age of 16 more than 20% will do so. These four years are crucial for children's eye health development, yet there is no specific scheme in place for 12-16 year olds during these years of crucial of change.

Prevention is better than a cure

As we’ve all learned growing up, prevention is better than cure, now a New Report by the National Vision Coalition into the economic impact of eye diseases in Ireland indicates up to €76 million could be saved annually if earlier intervention is prioritised. 

A lot of people may not realise that high blood pressure can damage the eye and that signs may be visible in the eye before the patient is aware of any symptoms; however, the team behind the show Operation Transformation were keen to highlight this and approached the Association of Optometrists Ireland for an expert to discuss this.

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