EyeZone opticians are today calling for an eye health initiative for 12-16 years olds

EyeZone Opticians are putting our words into action today by offering FREE EYE EXAMS for the month of March to children aged 12 to 16. 

The EyeZone Christmas competition 2012 officially launched on Saturday December 1st 2012. This year again we have over 100 prizes in practices for you to win including:

Parents urged to get children’s eyes tested during Bright Eyes week
Bright Eyes vision check on offer throughout the country

Back by popular demand, our special promotion with Zuma last year by far exceeded our expected demand. This year EyeZone is delighted to again offer you amazing value on our stylish Zuma rimless frames. Zuma are a very high quality rimless frame with a large collection of styles and colours to choose from suiting your every fashion desire. A complete catalogue of Zuma’s frames is available here.

Welcome to EyeZone, Irelands High Quality Choice in Independent eye care.

In July we launch our exclusive Paul Costelloe range an inspirational Irish designer with an unbeatable offer.EyeZone is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new range of designer Eyewear from Irish and British designer Paul Costelloe. This EyeZone exclusive collection offers you a choice of Paul Costelloe’s  fashion couture range of frames featuring a stunning collection of men’s and women’s frames combined with Essilor Crizal lenses for just €189 complete. 

The official definition of Optometry is a long one! Basically, it is the study of primary eye and vision care.

The field of Optometry has become extremely vast in the past 30 years, and naturally, branches began to form in the field. The most widespread of these is the Dispensing Optician. Most people simply use the word “Optician” for everyone in the field, which is not strictly correct. Historically, we were all simply called Opticians. You may still see the words “Ophthalmic Optician” on some older premises.

Free Eye Exams

Did you know that you are still entitled to a free eye test with your PRSI or Medical card entitlements under the Optical Benefits Scheme*.  There seems to be a lot of confusion around this issue, but Eye exams are still free for qualified individuals.

Fiorelli is an exclusive brand at EyeZone that combines the latest fashion styles with high quality vision requirements. 

The EyeZone Christmas competition featuring prizes. including iPads, Televisions and Xbox’s have all been presented. After the long wait and sifting through all the entries, thousands of entries were received, for the Christmas draw. The draw took place on Tuesday the 24th of January and up to now we have been happily informing the winners of the prizes. 

All practices participated and together EyeZone’s members gave out over 100 prizes including iPods, digital cameras and many more prizes. The top prizes offered by all the members of EyeZone were won all across the country.